BA Public Administration

B.A. – Public Administration is an undergraduate degree program that extensively deals with the study of various concepts pertaining to Administration, Public Services, Public Organizations, and the Constitutional framework. This course lasts for 3 years.

Well, Public Administration jobs are very rewarding, considering that after completing a degree, you can work for the government as a public administration consultant, city manager and you can even become a mayor one day. A lot of topics of the subject overlap with the General Studies Paper. Around 60% of the topics overlap with the General Studies paper, making it beneficial for UPSC aspirants. Public Administration is highly scoring and is relatively easier compared to other optional subjects since the entire paper II is polity based.

Broadly speaking, Public Administration embraces all the activities of the government. Hence, as an activity, the scope of public administration is no less than the scope of state activity. In the modern welfare state, people expect many things – a wide variety of services to the people.

B.A. – Public Administration Career Options and Job Prospects

  • Management Analyst.
  • Social Worker.
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Business Consultants
  • Social Worker
  • Tax Examiner.
  • Budget Analyst.
  • Public Administration Consultant.
  • City Manager.
  • Mayor.
  • International Aid/Development Worker.
  • Fundraising Manager.
  • Police Officer, Social Worker, Consultant, Customs Inspector, Management Analyst, BDO , City managers, budget analysts, public policy analysts, and emergency managers