Possessing positive attitude is very important for laying a proper foundation of a successful and peaceful life. A lot of research in the Behavioural Sciences and Educational Psychology is done to understand the elements which make human beings look at life from a positive perspective. The importance of positive attitude for students lies in the fact that they are the future of any nation. Their mental framework towards life has to be built on grounds of affirmative spirit, where there is only hope for the best and no despair for the worst.

This workshop enables the students to stay positive in times of Adversity and Challenge. It teaches them Positive Thinking, Positive Communication, Positive Action, Positive Reaction and Positive Living.

The workshop on personality development offers students an excellent opportunity to explore their hidden personality characteristics, assess their competencies and take the steps towards maximizing their potential. This highly interactive session with group exercises and activity based learning helps students to identify their strengths & weaknesses so as to capitalise on strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

It also enables students to understand the positive effects of proper dressing, grooming and soft skills, which helps them to communicate with confidence and improves their leadership and team working skills.

‘Time and tide wait for none’, is an old age proverb which has stood the test of time. Time management plays a vital role in the life of a student. The students, who learn time management skill at early stage in life, go a long way in comparison to others.

The art of explicitly prioritizing works and administering suitable amount of time on those activities is basically known as Time Management. Time management is used as a key to increase productivity and stay organized. That’s why time management is essential for people from all walks of life.

To start with, it is essential for a student to manage his/her time properly in order to achieve success in his/ her respective course. The workshop teaches the students the importance of time management and tips to manage time.It also helps the students realize various time wasters they get indulge in and help them learn to avoid it.

Communication is an important component in both personal and career success. Right communication helps us save time, and make our personal and professional relationships better. The quality of one’s life depends on the quality of his/her communication.

The workshop on Communication Skills helps the student identify necessary ingredients of any conversation by making them conscious of the process of communication. It also helps them learn various communication styles that affects them. It covers Oral Communication, Body language and Para language.

“One of the difficulties about stress is that it can work for you or against you, just like a car tire. When the pressure in the tire is right, you can drive smoothly along the road: if it is too low, you feel all the bumps and the controls feel sluggish. If it is too high, you bounce over the potholes, and easily swing out of control” (Butler & Hope, 1995, p. 207).

Thus, the ability to manage stress is very important in today’s world.
The workshop on stress management at Gyanam Junior College helps the students to break the stress in their life, so that they can be happier, healthier and more productive in everything they do. Students are taught to become conscious of their stress and learn to manage it and cope with the stressors. They develop the ability and confidence to improve their lives and handle different stressors in a positive way.

The ultimate goal of Stress Management workshop is to provide tips to the students how to avoid and overcome stress and live a happy life.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our emotions and the emotions of others effectively. It affects how we manage behaviour, work through social complexities, handle stress and make personal decisions that achieve positive outcomes in both our personal and professional lives.

The workshop on EI helps students gain greater self awareness of themselves and their emotions and that of the emotions of others. After the workshop, students learn problem solving skills and make smarter decisions and bounce back quicker from tough timesand grow in empathy and the ability to connect with others. Students can learn ways to resolve personal and team conflicts.It will enhance team awareness and performance. Students will discover ways to increase stress tolerance. They will be able to build trust and team cohesiveness by improving interpersonal communication. It Increases student’s leadership capacity as well.

To connect the modern education with The Quranic teachings and guide the students to learn and do the things righteously on the path of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our students are enlightened by the beautiful workshop on how to achieve success in this world and a world hereafter. The necessary indgredients require for living a successful life in both the worlds are discussed. It is very important to synchronize the modern education with the Quranic guidelines in such a way that our students can protect their belief and faith throughout their life, irrespective of the external forces prevailing in our environment.
The workshop on memory enhancement is designed for the students to enhance their memory power to match up to the requirements of the innovations and developments taking place around us. It helps the students to understand their modes of learning and identify their weaknesses and develop the multiple intelligence with continuous training of brain. This workshop helps the students to improve memory power with simple exercises and memory techniques which help them to make the optimum use of their mind and perform better in every aspect of their life. By implementing memory development techniques students will sharpen their saw for the future academic and non academic endeavours.

Leadership plays an important role in every aspect of a student’s life. Students go through many stages in life for career development where they need leadership skills. In modern world, students are facing many career challenges, employment problems and conflicts between idealism and beneficialism. That’s why they need leadership skills to accept challenges, solve problems and analyse career direction.

Students learn how student’s leadership skills impact society, communities,nation, and companies and political parties. And most importantly nature and environmental development.

It's important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their teenage, to learn the art of building relationships within peers, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills. Leadership skills inspires students for learning and acquiring career development skills.

By using leadership skills student can optimize habits, learning, execution, entertainment and proper use of time, with this they become focused and more productive to achieve specific goals.

Leadership develops awareness skills. It helps students to get awareness about their rights and duties. They learn to dream, set goals and can participate in competitive exams, become eligible for jobs, become confident to start business and various others things.

Leadership workshop helps them to develop social skills. Almost all leaders are top quality communicators. They choose top quality content and methods to communicate about their goals and solutions with society.

The Feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility is common in teenagers. The indignationor anger is very common attribute in Teenagers. Anger management at Gyanam establishes boundaries, explain rules and consequences. It helps students to understand the reasons behind the anger and manage. Anger management workshop makes students aware of anger warning signs and triggers and helps them to find healthy ways to relieve anger.