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All communities pass through certain life stages in its existence. Certain stages take longer to pass and certain pass very rapidly. In case of acquiring modern education, the community in Hyderabad is at a growth stage. And like any other community at the growth stage only a handful of popular careers attract the attention of the meritorious students, and as such many students only opt for education related to Engineering, Medicine, etc. However, to take the trajectory of growth to the next level students need to choose other less popular but important careers, such as career in law, judiciary, civil services, armed forces, education, auditing, etc.

With the aim of inculcating in the students a divergent view point about careers to opt, and also to fulfill the need of the community for professionals in the above mentioned areas Gyanam Academy was started. Now, the next question is, is the community ready to accept this change? And the answer is yes. There has been a lauding response to the Foundation Course for Civil Services which Gyanam started for Intermediate level students.

The purpose to establish Gyanam Academy was to unleash the untapped potential the community has, and the philosophy is aptly depicted in the couplet of Allama Mohammed Iqbal mentioned on top. When the students are rightly guided and are provided with a right environment to learn and excel, they surprise us by their creativity and achievements.

Intermediate comes as a turning point in the educational life of a student. No surprise that, many students dropout during this stage. The reasons include the changes in the psychology of the students as they get into adolescence stage, lack of interest in studies, pressure from family for meeting expenses, cost of education, exposure to unwanted entertainment, etc.

If we want students to overcome the challenges in this stage of life, then it is a team work, of parents, teachers, society and the student him/herself. This time in their life demands a compassionate and tactful parenting and committed and consistent teaching from the lecturers. Apart from the above the students requires right counseling at regular intervals to sensitize them with the challenges of the current life and the demands of the future.

At Gyanam we offer a wholistic education to our students… Regular courses of Science and Arts are taught with required rigour to make students capable to crack competitive exams like EAMCET, NEET, CLAT, CA-F, etc., for admission in Engineering and Medicine, Law, Chartered Accountancy, etc. and providing them with life skills essential to lead a happy, satisficing, prosperous life. Further, a life without contribution is no life, hence we inculcate in our students an attitude of contribution, so that they make the world a better place to live by their actions. We don’t believe in producing just robots working in engineering firms and computers working multinational corporations. The above objective is fulfilled through the regular life skill workshops we conduct and the lectures by Islamic scholars.

Dr. Syed Ali Luqman Hussaini, Ph. D.
Director Gyanam Academy.